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803 Outpost Camp Coffee Single Serving

803 Outpost Camp Coffee Single Serving

SKU: 803_Camp

We understand that backpackers and hikers crave a great cup of coffee to jump start their mornings or refuel after a long day on the trail. Yet most hikers are sick of low quality, dehydrated coffee every morning. That's where 803 Outpost Coffee comes in! We offer a line of premium, single-serving hiking coffees, perfect for those seeking a convenient and delicious pick-me-up on the go. Our coffees are:


  • Lightweight and Compact: Our single-serving pouches are designed to fit easily into any backpack, saving precious space.

  • Easy to Prepare: No need for bulky equipment! Just add hot water and enjoy a satisfying cup of coffee.

  • Delicious Flavor: Since our coffee is fresh and packaged, never dehydrated or freeze dried, the flavor is absolutely amazing. 

We believe 803 Outpost coffee would be a valuable addition to your hostel store. It caters directly to the needs of your guests and provides them with a convenient way to enjoy a satisfying cup of coffee during their adventures.

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