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Camp chef knife with sheath

Camp chef knife with sheath

SKU: F&I-001516

Camp chef knife

Are you ready to purchase your last camp / cooking knife.  This is the perfect tool for the chef in your life.


This handcrafted knife is 100% handcrafted by professional blacksmiths from high-carbon stainless steel 1095. The process of producing this knife takes longer than that of an ordinary knife. The production process needs quenching - Hammer -tempering- clamping steel - Hammer -quenching- tempering and other continuous cycle operations.


The quenching splash is 780 degrees and the tempering is 180 degrees - 200 degrees. This operation guarantees the hardness and sharpness of this knife. The blade of this knife has a very unique design and the handle features copper nails as well as full tang design, which makes the knife even more sturdy than it already is. The edge of the blade is extremely sharp allowing you to cut through any ingredient seamlessly.

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